Whether you’re trying to increase sales with current or potential customers, enhance your company’s image with the media, or deliver difficult news to employees - how you communicate this information can affect your bottom line.

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Professional Training

In our professional training modules, our team will work with your staff to amplify its communications skills, as well as provide guidelines on how to execute communications tactics within your own teams.

  • Business writing tutorials - we guide you through a four-session training module that will help you and your team write better content for marketing literature, website copy, social media postings, etc.
  • Public speaking workshops - we teach key public speaking guidelines, role playing scenarios and communications best practices to enhance your team’s public speaking skills
  • Crisis training - we train your staff to communicate in an effective, transparent way in the case of a crisis by preparing your team through role-playing, spokesperson training and learning how to communicate during stressful times
  • Media relations and interview training - we prepare your spokespeople and teach key techniques in taking control of an interview, no matter which direction the reporter takes it
  • Strategic communications planning - we educate and advise your team on strategic communications planning - putting in place a plan that aligns directly with your sales and marketing goals, as well as identifies key messages, overall objectives, key audiences and ways to deliver these messages - both domestically and globally
  • Employee communications training - we provide the tools you need when you want to build employee morale, increase retention and have more effective 2-way communication with your employees
  • Event preparation and planning - we outline your goals and objectives for tradeshows or customer events, plan the logistics, as well as train your spokespeople to speak with key stakeholders at any event, whether it’s the media or potential customers 
  • Traditional and social media training - we coach your staff on how to put together a media relations strategy, outline the media outlets to which you should target, as well as provide a guide of dos and don’ts for the social world 

Personal Consulting

If your staff is limited and you’re looking for someone to take on the extra workload, we can act as an extension of your team.

  • Communications planning - develop and execute strategic communications plans that identify key messages, overall objectives, key audiences and ways to deliver these messages for both domestic and global audiences
  • Business writing - writing for marketing collateral, news releases, press materials and web copy
  • Technical writing - white papers, technical articles and bylined articles for media publications
  • Speech writing - from large external conferences to smaller, more intimate internal meetings
  • Operating procedures and manuals - writing for in-office procedures manuals, process documents, etc.
  • Editing - copy editing services for a variety of mediums such as articles, newsletters, advertising, emails, social media, etc.
  • Presentations - develop presentation with client, draft outline notes as well as provide design work for PowerPoint, Prezi and Slidesare applications
  • Event planning - execute planning and logistics for special events including tradeshows, customer events, internal employee events, etc.
Our team is here to support you in all of your communications efforts. Whether your company needs additional communications training, or you’d prefer to use our consulting services, we’re happy to help.
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