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4 Ways Pro Bono Work Benefits Recent College Graduates

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By Isabel Illig

Providing pro bono work to a person or business in need is beneficial to your career, whether you are in your final days of college or have already graduated. Helping communities isn’t just good for businesses; the experience is beneficial for your individual brand, too!

Here are 4 ways doing work pro bono can elevate your career:

Aside from aiding a cause or person you identify with, pro bono services can help you get your foot into the door of the industry. For instance, providing public relations services to a non-profit will show employers your dedication to a shared cause. So, if you are applying to work in public relations at that, or another, non-profit they will see that you are passionate enough to do the right thing even when it may not directly benefit you.
A second thing it can do for you, is expand your skill sets. Pro bono services may call on you experiencing situations or work you haven’t dealt with before. This opportunity can only help you get better at being a public relations professional.

Additionally, voluntary work for organizations or individuals who cannot afford to compensate you can open up your professional network. Helping others will build a connection that will last going forward in your career. They may even be willing to provide you with a reference for future job applications.
Finally, this connection could ultimately lead to you landing a job at the organization or with the person you assisted during what may have been a difficult time for them.

Pro bono work can be beneficial both for you and the recipient! As you are finishing up your college experience or beginning your public relations career, donating your professional skills will help you be better at your job going forward, build your network and leave you feeling good.